About us

Way back in October’96, a group of few young men from varied backgrounds, established an informal but active group, feeling the imperative need to vivify pay to have a paper written for you the most enduring, ageless and immortal wisdom of Hindu lore and culture especially keeping in mind, the younger generation. Since then, various activities have been regularly conducted in various parts of the country such as Sanskrit awareness, Yoga and Meditation camps and Social welfare activities including regular performance of Vedic rituals. All these informal activities culminated in the year 2000, giving homework help global birth to “VISHVAKSHEMA”, a registered Public Charitable Trust, with a clear idea of its major thrust areas, objectives, philosophy and mission. The core group of the Trust and the advisory board comprises members from different disciplines and professions but all standing together and cherishing a single dream: “To strive towards Universal Welfare”, keeping in mind the vision of the Seers and Sages: “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam-The whole world is one family”.

Board of Trustees

  • Shree N. Viraraghavacharya,
     Managing Trustee
  • Shree S. Parthasarathy,
  • Shree Ramesh Srinivasaraghavan,

Advisory Board

  • Panditaratnam Shri. U. Ve. K. S. Varadacharya Swami
  • Vidvan Shri. U. Ve. N. Viraraghavacharya Swami
  • Velukkudi Shri U.Ve. Krishnan Swami
  • Shree V. Lakshminarayanan,

     lDirector- Vishvakshema

  • Shree. Aruneshwar Gupta,

     Advocate, Supreme Court of India

  • Shree. Shridhar Rajagopal, B. Tech., M.B.A,

     Managing Director, Educational initiatives

  • Shree. Ramesh Srinivasaraghavan, M. Tech.,

     Software Architect, Adobe India

Core Members

  • Shree P.S. Badrinarayanan,

     Faculty – Shree Parashara Gurukulam

  • Shree S. Prabhu,

     Faculty – Shree Parashara Gurukulam

  • Shree P. Sridharan,

     Faculty, JSS Institute of Polymer Science, Mysore

  • Shree B. Mukundan,

     Director – Mukesh Info Serve, Chennai

  • Shree V.S. Varadarajan,

     Director – Mukesh Info Serve, Chennai

  • Shree V.S Kalyanarangan,


  • Shree Suderson,


  • Shree S.Prasannavenkatesan,

     General Manager, HCL

  • Shree S.Vasudevan,

     Director – Mayan Group, Bangalore

  • Shree Mohan,

     Infosys, Mysore

  • Shree Ramesh Vantaram,

     Marine Engineer

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