Shree Parashara Gurukulam

गुरुः स्वशीलवृत्ताद्यैः छात्राणां मार्गदर्शकः ।
ज्ञानानुष्ठानभक्त्याद्यैः स हि सर्वविकासकः ॥

The concept of “Gurukulam” is a unique feature of the Indian system of education, where the all round development of the student is taken care by the Guru, through his incessant training, nurturing, observation, guidance and inspiration. Developing the physical, mental, emotional, aesthetic, intellectual and spiritual aspects of the human personality is the goal of Gurukulam system. Living with the Masters, the students learn the principles of right living by imbibing strong personal, familial, social, religious and spiritual value systems. Presently 54 children are studying in the  gurukulam.


आर्षधर्मरक्षणं ज्ञानभक्तिशिक्षणम् ।
कर्मयोगपोषणं स्थैर्यधैर्यवर्धनम् ॥
आर्जवत्यागतपसां राष्ट्रभक्तेश्च वर्धनम् ।
ध्येयं गुरुकुलस्यास्य विश्वमङ्गलचिन्तनम् ॥


Our Aims

  • To deliver a high quality educational program that ignites a passion for knowledge, skills, and values and ensures all round growth of the students in a caring, supportive and positively stimulating environment.
  • To create young intelligent scholars, academicians and professionals strongly rooted in the Vedic wisdom and the spiritual heritage of India.
  • To help the children become critical thinkers, life-long learners, responsible citizens and positive contributors to the social uplift.


Prerequisites for applying

  • The applicant should have completed STD V (for VI) or VI (for VII) from English medium .
  • The applicant should have been consistently scoring above 75% in all his exams.
  • The applicant should be ready to join the residential schooling out of his own free will and understanding and not out of force.
  • The applicant should necessarily possess a natural aptitude to learn Vedas and other traditional knowledge systems.

The applicant should have undergone Upanayanam before joining the Gurukulam. The applications will be screened and the selected applicants will be called for a written test (in English, Maths and Science). The results of the written exam will be immediately announced and will be followed by a behavioral analysis test. The parents too will be interviewed simultaneously.