Towards Building Construction

The total area to be  constructed is around 53,415 Sq.ft. meant for  main academic / residential wing, staff quarters, guest houses, maintenance staff quarters and a mini auditorium.  It has been decided to complete the entire construction in three phases. Hence the trust is in need of generous contributions from donors who can willfully participate in this divine endeavor.

Towards regular day to day activities

Proposed area of construction

Towards creating the corpus fund

Any charitable organization definitely requires a good corpus in order to achieve its goal, ultimately resulting in social betterment. Along with the donations received from the general public and other philanthropists and organizations, self-sustenance is also equally important to continue the charitable activities beyond the barriers of time. Similarly our organization to maintain the highest integrity and academic excellence in all the traditional knowledge systems along with modern education, other social welfare programs and future plans requires a Rs.50-crore corpus, which can motivate the activities and also help in planning ahead all the other activities.

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